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Головна » 2011 » Жовтень » 22 » Report on the implementation of statutory directions of YCU "Ideyna Varta" as of 20/10/2011
Report on the implementation of statutory directions of YCU "Ideyna Varta" as of 20/10/2011

As of October 20, 2011 the organization made ​​this volume

human rights protection work in:

1. An additional agreement to the basic treaty for educational services,
which provided the possibility of unilateral tuition cost increasing was
eliminated In Dnipropetrovsk National Mining University

2. Timely involvment of Commission of Ministry of Education, which revealed
a number of violations in private higher education institution "Kyiv
International University", helped to prevent administration of University
from unreasonably increase of tuition payment

3. As a result of timely legal advices to the initiative group of students
and teachers in Kyiv National Institute of Applied Arts and design was a
dismission of incompetent rector Lyahotskiy, who tried to create an
artificial conditions for the reduction of Institute`s accreditational level
with a view to further privatization.

4. To check the facts of settlement in hostel # 4 of M.P Dragomanov National
Pedagogical University with outside persons a Control and Revision
Department of Kyiv city were involved, and established a fact of oddicial
documents falsification. A penalty charged from University administration.

5. The legitimacy of Boris Diedov Ivanovych, the director of public
enterprise "Lazarus Globa Central city children's Park" dismission was
checked. It was found that there was no reason for the dismissal of Diedov
B.I. Office of Culture and Arts of Dnipropetrovsk city Council resumed his
position and discharge again due to expiration of contract with
compensation for time of the forced absence. At this time the targeted use
of budget funds by current director Svitlana Kravchenko was checked through
the Main Control and Revision Office of Ukraine. No violation found at the

6. A number of documents were provided in disposal of organisation by
Koliesnyk Ganna Mykhailivna, which testified the violation of art. 364, 365
of Criminal Code of Ukraine by employee of the Central Investigation
Department of the General Prosecutor`s office of Ukraine Kalific`kyi
Olexander Anatoliyovyc` (senior investigator by that moment)
Statement also pointed out numerous cases of psychological pressure
involved in criminal case number 51492 and 80525, and as the result - no
objective investigation were provided, case were reclassified, perpetrators
remain unpunished. Since the actual base of charges were fabricated as a
result of these circumstances, actions of Kalific`kyi Olexander
Anatoliyovyc` violate paragraf 2 of article 372 of CC of Ukraine
("Prosecution of knowingly innocent to criminal responsibility"). It is
mentioned in the article "Deadly
voyage from the cell to the mine lift"(newspaper "Vechirni visti"
Number 81 from 8.06.2005) and in a separate resolution of Alexandria
regional court of Kirovohrad region 28.03.2005.
Due to the above and given the interest of the European
Court of Human Rights, the organization had sent a number of appeals to the
GPO of Ukraine on the implementation of the separate resolution. But
our letters remained ignored (as reported
to the European Court). Currently possibilities of
bringing to justice the perpetrators are concerned.

7. Upon the request of the National Aviation University professor
Alexander Glukhov a legitimacy of residential houses transfer from the
communal to private property of "Panteon-invest company" was checked
(Resolution for privatization of this house made with violations of article
233 of the Criminal code of Ukraine). Kyiv city prosecutor's office
confirmed violation and submitted a claim to court.

8. The legitimacy of demolish attempts of the building on Gryshevs`kogo st.
4b by the "Graal ltd." was checked. Prosecutor's office reviewed presented
arguments, the decision to transfer the house was stopped

9. Illegal actions aimed at eviction of 3rd year student group SF-09-1
specialty "Philosophy" Popov Ivan Andriyovyc from the hostel of Oles Gonchar
Dnipropetrovsk National University was stopped

10. At the moment from the sourses in the police of Dnipropetrovs`k city
became aware that former Deputy prosecutor of the Leninsky district of
Dnipropetrovsk (and current employee of the Lviv regional prosecutor's
office) Mykolaychuk had sex
relationship with a person who has not attained the age of majority (Article
155 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

At the same time he gave the mentioned minor, who was drunk
the keys to his car, and a accident happened, in which she died as a result
(Article 119 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). NGO staff started official
verification of the above arguments.

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